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PetSmart Charities Webinars

One of the best ways to learn more about animal welfare issues is to take part in a PetSmart Charities webinar. You can participate online or access the archives at any time. Click here for more information.

Small Breed Rescue Contacts

If you're looking for a small dog, you don't have to go to a pet store or puppy mill! Thousands of dogs are waiting for a home just like yours. Follow the links below to see the dogs available through these rescue groups. If you still can't find the dog you're looking for and feel you must buy from a breeder, read the guidelines on reputable breeders here.

Affenpinscher American Eskimo Dog Basenji Beagle Bichon Frise Cairn Terrier Cocker Spaniel Corgi Dachshund Lhasa Apso Maltese Miniature Pinscher Pomeranian Poodle Pug Schnauzer Shih Tzu West Highland White Terrier Whippet Yorkshire Terrier All Breeds


If you are not able to find a dog through a rescue organization and feel you must go to a breeder, please choose one that meets all the following criteria:

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